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We are an ecosystem of companies highly specialized in digitizing businesses. We support public and private companies in their digital transformation by developing solutions that generate products and services that respond to business expectations with customized and cutting-edge functionality.

A constantly
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and promoter of innovation

We are a group of specialized teams working in various fields carrying out multidisciplinary research and projects. Each company influences the work of the others and collaborates strategically to ensure constant evolution. Research and development are our foundations, sustainability and growth are our goals.

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Pioneering innovation for a sustainable future

Driven by passion for digital innovation, we are like a team of astronauts traveling through space in constant search of new knowledge and unexplored frontiers. We want to develop new digital solutions and ensure a sustainable future.

“At Omninext we believe in sustainable and impactful digital transformation and economic growth. We support our customers in innovation by developing cutting-edge solutions that respond to business goals while improving people's lives and preserving the environment. Together with our partners and research institutions we improve the present on the basis of the future we want to build”

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the modernization process that integrates innovative technological solutions in companies and society. Products and services change creating new needs and growth opportunities to respond by innovating business with solutions that are part of a constantly evolving interconnected ecosystem.

How can I innovate my company? 

Innovation is a process of transformation that in companies can be related to the product, the process, the market or the entire business. Change requires the construction of new organizational assets and renovated management systems in order to operate with cutting-edge technologies and solutions from research and development studies.

How does business consulting work?

Businesses that want to improve their performance rely on consulting services provided by specialized multidisciplinary teams that examine business needs, identify areas for improvement, analyze sectoral challenges and devise a tailor-made strategy to ensure sustainable future growth.

Why Omninext?

Omninext is an ecosystem of interconnected highly specialized companies that enables public and private companies to digitize products, services and processes through strategic consulting and cutting-edge digital solutions. Innovating business with Omninext means achieving concrete results and developing a better future.

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