Financial sector

technological innovation

We design digital solutions to support companies in the technological transformation of financial intermediation, from digital payments to the use of corporate credit.

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Evolution of financial services

A market in constant renewal characterized by structural changes in society and services requires attention to the specific needs of people. We need to redefine how complex systems are used, improve digital security, ensure an efficient service and build an ecosystem capable of renewing itself according to a sustainable economic model.

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Customized technological solutions

We create secure systems that respond promptly to changing market needs. We improve banking, financial and insurance services with advanced technology and customized solutions. We optimize products and services based on company needs, bringing concrete results in business management and value for long-term growth.


Digital Payments

Digital payment solutions for small realities and large ecosystems.

Profiling Solutions

Data profiling for predictive marketing strategies. 

Data-driven Technology

Efficient data management for concrete results.

Finance Advisory

Financial advice and customized digital solutions.

Corporate Welfare

Company management system for better internal administration.

Asset Management

Resource management, development and optimization.



Discover the Omninext Group companies specializing in fintech that offer digital solutions for innovation in financial intermediation with effective projects that can be customized for specific business needs.

Enhance Together

Would you like to use our solutions or realize a new project?

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